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Student Album   26 September, 2018
PCJT Awrudu Udanaya 2014 at the Matara Branch
In 2014 as usual, we celebrated the New Year festival of the Matara Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology on the 25th of April at the Sanath Jayasooriya grounds with glamour and grandeur. The event was fabulously organised by the Students’ Association of the Matara Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology. The festival began with the illumination of the oil lamp and kindling a fire. Our Avurudu table comprised a number of sweet items including Kiribath (milk rice), and it was a major decorative part of the New Year festival. Among the sweet items of the Avurudu table were Konda Kevum, Kokis, Asmee, Mun Kevum and Athirasa. In addition to that, it was observed that there were sweet items that are popular and common in the Southern Province such as Kalu Dodol, Mungedi and Naran Kevum. Once the Avurudu table was prepared in accordance with the rituals, the food items were consumed by Miss Amali, Mr. Lashan, and senior students at the auspicious time. After the meals, other events were conducted according to the event agenda. Several traditional games were lined up and held and almost all the participants of the event took part to make the event thrilling and exciting. It consisted a series of traditional games, including Cross-country races, climbing the grease pole, smashing pots blindfolded, marking the elephant’s eye, finding the lost coin in troubled waters, gunny bag races, bun eating race, balloon dance, kotta pora alleema - which means beating each other with hard pillows, thun pa divima a type of race run in pairs, ankles-bound, carrying limes on spoons, stringing needle eyes, feeding curd to the blindfold, known as ‘andayata kiri kavima’, and tug of war. All the staff members and students extended their complete cooperation for the success of the PCJT Awrudu Udanaya 2014 of the Matara Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology. Several members of the staff presented themselves as members of the panel of judges, executing their impartial judgments on each competitive event. The prize giving was held towards the finale of the festive panorama where the winners of each item were awarded prizes. The main objective of this festival was to enhance the bonds of friendship among students, to develop their talents, improve the team working ability, and to forget the past displeasures and join hands by forgiving each other, in order to establish a platform that can be used to minimize the stress of studies. It was a remarkable day for all the students because, it gave endless happiness and to expand the bond, confidence and loyalty among each and every student as well as the lecturers and staff, to deliver an effective productivity in order to steer the Java Institute for higher growth.