Java Institute JOURNAL
Research News   26 September, 2018
Obstacle Avoiding Robot
The obstacle avoiding robot can be described as a robotic rover that is able to travel by avoiding any obstacle that is on its path. This particular robotic device makes use of six ultrasonic sonars and related technology. These sensors are fixed at different angles and positions on the obstacle avoiding robot. Whenever the obstacle avoiding robot approaches an obstacle on its pathway, the sensors and other technology utilised by the devices identifies the obstacle and then alters its movement, including the direction. The motors of this rover uses a 6v rechargeable battery while the ultrasonic sonars of the devices uses a 9v rechargeable battery. The ATMega328 IC was used to construct the obstacle avoiding robot and its IC programming is completely programmed from the Arduino language. The technology used in the obstacle avoiding robot can be used in vehicles and various other automobiles and machines. This technology can be used to minimise automobile accidents as well as solve vehicle traffic-related problems. In addition to this, accidents and other problems that occur with machines and devices can be solved via the technology used in the obstacle avoiding robot.