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Student Album   26 September, 2018
Students of Matara Branch arriving at the Kitulgala Camp
The Adventure Camp at Kitulgala with the river in the backdrop
The moment the students arrived at the Adventure Base Camp
Students travel into buildings amidst a dense jungle
A pathway across the jungle at the Base Camp
The enchanting natural scenery at Kitulgala
Students enjoying and singing inside their bus
The banner of the Kitulgala Adventure Base Camp
At the entrance of the Adventure Base Camp building
Inside the recreational and dining hall
Students engaged in friendly discussions during the trip
The rapid flow of water at Kitulgala
Students enjoying water sports and other challenging activities
Students of the Java Institute's Matara Branch
Students observing a colleague's performance at an event
Group photograph of the participants of this trip
Students at the jungle at Kitulgala
Prior to commencing a special adventure activity
Students queueing for an exciting adventure sports
Group photograph of the students of the Matara Branch
Annual Trip 2013 of Matara Branch - At Kitulgala
Annual Trip 2013 of Matara Branch - At Kitulgala Each year the Matara Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology organises a trip and accordingly, the students of the Institute are taken on trips to various destinations located island wide in order to provide them wonderful opportunities to enjoy their lives. On the 7th of March 2013, staff members and students of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology visited the Kitulgala Adventure Base Camp and this created a thrilled and exhilarating experience for all participants. Kitulgala is a rain forest and within this forest, plenty of camping opportunities that can be coupled with white water rafting, bird watching, jungle treks, river bathing, and many other adventure activities are available. This particular trip changed the lives of our students by mesmerising them and creating memories that will last for a lifetime. Moreover, it provided many more benefits for our students such as physical thrills and the opportunities that stretch a body's physical capabilities to the utmost degree as well as using their minds, eyes, hearing, and cameras to enhance their experiences. Furthermore, this adventure trip created pleasant as well as remarkable memories, that we often bring back to the forefront of our minds for reminiscing. Essentially, the annual trip of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology is an adorable dream of each and every student of our campus because they are experiencing a wilderness that just doesn’t seem to be enough as their soul swiftly desires more. Furthermore, each time they venture, they find themselves changing. Additionally, in these kinds of adventures, students build their confidence and with each successive venture, they challenge themselves just a little bit more. However, it is with pride that we state that these kinds of extra activities that are organized by the Matara Branch of the Java Institute will definitely help to provide a relief to our students in order to complete their studies effectively.