Java Institute JOURNAL
Students News   26 September, 2018
Gerad Lucky Septimas
Gerard Lucky Septimas got his fist appointment in Dubai at Permasteelisa Gartner Middle East LLC as SAP (System Application Programme) Operator at the age of 21. At that time his first offer was over 2000 USD. He expressed his achievement as follow.

I can remember what said to us in very first day of our PCJT programme. We were said that ?No matter how much you spent for your Education. You can earn that money in your first salary?. those days I used to think how possible was that. I spent more than 400,000 for all Java Institute courses & ect.

I really thankful to my mom today, she suffered more than me to get this place for me. She wz always behind me. & still the same . Very Sincere to you we are not that rich people. my mom mortgage her jewelries to collect 180,000 for my final payment prior to my graduation. I was so worried about it. Those days I was thinking about

how can I earn this much of money to my mother. by now it became pretty simple task. Whole expenses are less than a month salary today. Today I am really happy with all the ways, but I am thinking about my masters. Also I need to mention that Liver Pool University of (Amsterdam-Netherlands) has been accepted my qualification and experiences to offer me masters there. Last Week I got the confirmation call from Agnieszka Rzepka (Enrolment Advisor ). I am so happy to say you about that also. I wonder how can I manage my higher studies with my profession because in Dubai life is not that easy, even for self studies. However time is flying too fast without knowing us. So I will achieve that task also soon and let you know.