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Students News   26 September, 2018
Ravindu receiving his graduate degree at the JIAT Convocation
Ravindu at an event in the UK
Personal photographs of Ravindu
Ravindu at an entertainment event with his friends
Ravindu Chathuranga (MSc)
<p>After completing my Advanced Level studies, I was questioning myself on what path I should select for my higher studies.

Finally, after much deliberation, I attended the Java Institute for Advanced Technology along with my friend without any proper target for my future.

Within a three year period at the Java Institute, I acquired a vast amount of knowledge and skills that went beyond the content of the course. Due to the lecture by Dr.Ishantha, I developed a solid and reliable target in life and I had formulated the ideal plan to achieve this target.

The lectures by Dr. Ishantha assisted me to unfailingly overcome the real-world obstacles that I came across in our lives. I also advised my friend to follow the lectures by Dr. Ishantha. I received a first class grade for my BSc due to the dexterous education I acquired at the Java Institute.

I commenced my professional career as an Associate Software Engineer at the age of 21 and my first employment was at DirectFN (Pvt) Ltd. During this time I was the youngest developer among 300 people in the company. At present, due to the confidence that I gained from the Java Institute, I am following my Master?s Degree at the University College of Dublin, Ireland.