Java Institute JOURNAL
Students News   26 September, 2018
Samitha Deniyage (BSc.SEng.,OCP)
<p> Samitha Deniyage Director - Chakdisa System (BSc.SEng., OCPJP)
Year of Birth: 1991 (22 years) Lumbini College, Colombo

Two years ago, after I had completed my Advanced Levels, I had built up great expectations in my mind for my future. I also had a question in my mind - if we are unable to garner entry in to the campus, will our future be bleak? I decided to challenge this question and was looking out for the answer. Finally, I received the answer to my question - the Java Institute for Advanced Technology.

I visited the Java Institute and investigated whether it will be able to successfully provide me with the answer to my question. Upon my investigations I realised that this particular institute could satisfy my desires but I was now faced with another challenge - collecting the required amount of money. With a strong determination to fulfil this task, I commenced employment as a security personnel. I had to experience and bear numerous burdens in order to create a favourable future.

Today, I have no fear of my future and this has come about due to the Java Institute. Earlier I worked 12 hours a day under extreme conditions to earn Rs.450 but now I am the proud owner of an organisation that creates software systems and makes a revenue of several lakhs each month. I believe I am living in the best period of my life and at present I am enjoying every moment of my life.