Java Institute JOURNAL
Students News   26 September, 2018
Dammika Saman Kumara(MSC Reading
<p> Dammika Saman Kumara Following masters degree of Weltec University from NZ (MSc.CS(Reading), BSc (SEng)., OCPJP

It is the dream of any person who is engaged in studies in Sri Lanka to pursue their higher education in a foreign country. However, there are financial concerns that primarily revolve around the issue of collecting sufficient funds to have a comfortable student life in a foreign country due to employment restrictions of the student VISA.

However, Saman has travelled to New Zealand as a PCJT Software Engineer to pursue his postgraduate studies as well as to engage in employment overseas. He has received the opportunity to work 20 hours a week while studying and job placement by the university in a software company in just e six months of studies. He was the only one in his batch who was capable to manage challenges in the industry easily based on skills developed during his graduate program at Java Insttitute Furthermore, he did not toil in odd jobs as he was engaged in his Post Graduate Diploma Programme in New Zealand.