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Students News   26 September, 2018
Photograph of Pawan as a JIAT graduate
Pawan with his family during his graduation from JIAT
Pawan at a stall of his own company, Sithuwili Concepts
Pawan with his friends
Pawan Muhandiram(BSc.SEng)
<p> Pawan Muhandiram(BSc.SEng., OCPJP)

It is with pride that I state that I am 21 years of age and a Software Engineering Degree holder. Moreover, I have been able to successfully operate an organisation, "Sithuvili Concepts", with my colleague Prasad Nuwanpriya. It should be mentioned that our associates Sajitha Tharaka and Havindu Piyumal had initially collaborated with our organisation but at present, they have gone abroad to pursue their higher studies. Our organisation has achieved many notable achievements including several projects. These projects include work done for the National Vocational Training Authority(VTA), National Aquatic Resources Research and Development Agency (NARA), Samson Manufactors(Pvt)Ltd. Furthermore, our organisation won the YESCom Award under the Bronze Category in 2013 and this is one of the most significant victories of our present history.

All of these accomplishments would be impossible without the immense support provided by the Java Institute for Advanced Technology and I have no words to express my sincere gratitude to the Institute. I became aware of the Java Institute by a seminar conducted by Dr. Ishantha Siribaddana and a very young engineer. This seminar took place at my school, Thurstan College, and this was during the time that I had no clear target in life as the results of my Advanced Level examination

was disappointing. After my education in my school I joined the Java Institute immediately and my parents did not have any objection to my decision, despite the fact that the Institute was a privately-owned organisation. The 24th of August of 2011 was my first day at the Institute and I realised that I had discovered the path that would make my life successful. My time at the Institute was spent joyfully and I completed all the assigned work with my group and colleagues. The challenging assignments and projects aided my to enhance my skills and knowledge and the Java Institute as well as the Panel of Lecturers assisted me in every possible way. I should also thank my parents for always supporting me and without them, none of this would come to pass. Finally, I should stress that the students who are seeking to join the Java Institute should never fear and the Institute will guide you and transform you in to a real Software Engineer with proficient practical knowledge.