Java Institute JOURNAL
Students News   26 September, 2018
Close-up photograph of Pawan's certificate
Pawan and his certificate from the Government of Sri Lanka
Pawan receiving an award from the President of Sri Lanka
Pawan receiving his cash prize of LKR 250,000 from Hon. Ministers
Prasad Nuwapriya(BSc.SEng)
I received the opportunity to enter D. S. Senanayake College of Colombo after successfully completing my primary education as well as passing my Grade 5 Scholarship examinations at Sri Bodhi School, Gampaha. A desire to develop software took form within me after I witnessed one of my classmates of my Advanced Level class, who had studied at the Java Institute for Advanced Technology, develop his own software.

I registered myself to the Institute at the 2010 World Congress Exhibition Seminar and I enrolled in one of the batches of the Institute immediately after completing my Advanced Level examinations. I had was no strong determination of acing my Advanced Level examination and I did not possess any strong desire to enter campus. However, my results allowed me to enter in to campus and my parents also encouraged me in this direction. But as I had already progressed considerably in my programme at the Java Institute for Advanced Technology and as I had teamed up with two colleagues of mine, Pawan and Sajith, to establish our own group named Sithuwili Concepts, I decided that continuing my studies at the Institute will be the best choice. Therefore, I shared my decision with my parents who then gave me their complete support. Within a duration of one and half years, we completed our degree programme at the Java Institute and we established an organisation under the name of Sithuwili Concepts.

At present, we are engaged in developing software for several companies including DSI and VTA. We were able to obtain the first place at the 2012 Touch Your Future Exhibition and we received an award along with a monetary prize of Rs.250,000. I should also mentioned that it was the Honourable President of Sri Lanka that handed over these awards. The task of designing the website for the VTA was also given over to our company. In addition to this, our company was also able to receive the Bronze Award at the YesCom Award Ceremony of the Java Institute. My parents had constantly offered me unwavering support and guidance throughout my life and it is due to this that I have been able to achieve a high position in life. My parents are proud of my accomplishments. I wish to express my sincere gratitude for the Java Institute for Advanced Technology as they commit themselves to assist the students in an entirely dedicated manner. I would like to offer my heartfelt gratitude to Dr. Ishantha Siribaddana and Mr. Janith who helped us immensely. I would like to state that no student should be doubtful of the Java Institute and it is the responsibility of the student to build up their perseverance and commitment in order to reach their goals in life.