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Student Album   26 September, 2018
A carrom board used at the 2013 carrom tournament of the Java Institute
Students of the JIAT winning the trophy of a carrom tournament
Members of the JIAT Carrom team in action
Photograph of an intense moment at the JIAT carrom tournament
Students of JIAT in the official carrom tournament at Matara
Photograph before a shot is being taken at the JIAT carrom tournament
Students enjoying the exciting JIAT carrom tournament
During the 2013 carrom tournament of the JIAT Matara branch
A student planning and taking a shot
Carrom Tournament of the Matara Branch of the Java Institute
The Matara Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology organised a Carrom Tournament on 18th of December 2013 for all the students of the Institute.

The main objective of this event was to increase the thinking power of the students and teach them how to arrive at quick decisions at suitable times in order to develop the discipline and behaviour rapidly. The Matara Branch was the pioneer of introducing a carrom tournament to the Java Institute network and this particular event is organised annually.

Even though only minimum facilities for practices were available, our students were at a very satisfactory level. The Carrom Championship of 2013, the Kurunegala Branch, won the championship and the Matara Branch were the runners-up. However, due to this event all students cooperated with each other and the relationship between students of different branches was strengthened. Moreover, this event was a valuable event as it provided a unique bond between the Institute and the students in order to give them a really great experience during studies.