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Java Institute News   26 September, 2018
During the SQA External Verification Conference of December 2016.
The SQA External Verifier discussing with Java Institute's representatives.
Verifying official documents of the Java Institute.
Distinguished members of the Java Institute with the SQA Verifier.
SQA External Verification Visit
The Java Institute for Advanced Technology was visited on the 16th of December by Mr. Graeme Downey, Senior Educational Consultant and SQA External Verifier to conduct a Qualifications verification of the SQA Accredited, PCJT Diploma in Software Engineering qualification. Mr. Downey is a senior lecturer and consultant with over 31 years experience in delivering and verifying SQA qualifications. Mr. Downey was met with the SQA Coordinator Mr. Mevan Wickramasinghe, the Head of DAAA, Mr. Asela Cooray, The Head of Lecturers Mr. Roshan Thamarajith and Senior lecturers to discuss the quality assurance practices of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology.

Mr. Downey then independently conducted an intensive audit of assessments and quality systems, and provided his feedback on the visit at the conclusion of the audit. Mr. Downey commended the Java Institute for maintaining high standards of assessment and internal quality assurance and congratulated the Java Institute management for taking the initiative in providing students and Java institute personnel clear guidance through the Java Institute Governance Portal, and which provides comprehensive information to both students and Java Institute personnel on key policy areas and student guidance. Mr. Downey then confirmed that the Java Institute has successfully met all external verification criteria and have received a green rating in all key areas.