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Java Institute News   26 September, 2018
During the SQA Development visit by Ms.Sarah McRoberts.
Explaining the SQA Policies and Procedures to the staff members .
Managing Director and SQA Coordinator of the Java Institute with Ms. McRoberts.
Ms. McRoberts of the SQA with Mr. Mevan of the Java Institute.
Representatives of the 2015 SQA Development visit to the Java Institute.
SQA Development visit in 2015
The Java Institute received Ms. Sarah McRoberts, Quality Enhancement Manager, Operations - HN and Vocational Qualifications, SQA, on the 27th of June, 2015. Ms. McRoberts visited the Head Office on this date to conduct a development visit, where the main purpose of the visit was to conduct a training programme for the academic staff and administrative staff on the new updates on SQA's quality framework and held a workshop on the best practices for assessors and internal verifiers as well as provided useful information and guidance on the development of the centre. This event was attended by both academic staff as well as departmental heads, branch managers and senior management of the Java Institute.