Java Institute JOURNAL
Students News   26 September, 2018
The Pirith-chanting ceremony of Java Institute's Matara Branch.
During the new year religious ceremony at the Matara Branch.
Monks who took part in the alms-giving ceremony.
Members of the Matara Branch giving alms to the monks.
Pirith-Chanting Ceremony..
With the dawning of the New Year 2016, a Pirith-chanting ceremony followed by an alms-giving was held at the premises of the Matara Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology on the 30th of December, 2015. This particular event blessed all the students, the Management, as well as the lecturer panel of the Institute, in addition to all Sri Lankans and the entire nation. The Pirith-chanting ceremony was held under the patronage of the students of the Matara Branch and the ceremony was honoured by eight monks, who arrived from the Pushparama Raja Maha Viharaya. Furthermore, the Branch Manager of the Matara Branch as well as other Executives of the Institute.

Moreover, it should be mentioned that the students arranged a beautiful Pirith Mandapaya with all the necessities including raja gaha, coconut and puwak flower decorations, tri strings for pirith nool, a pot for pirith water, gilan pasa (for monks who chant; before, while and after the pirith), sweets (sookiri, kithul hakuru, dry grapes, thal sookiri, toffee, chocolate) and cheese. Afterwards, the Pirith-chanting ceremony was followed by morning alms on the next day and these were given to the monks. Overall, the students as well as the members of staff of the Matara Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology prepared and conducted this particular event in a successful and joyous manner.