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Java Institute News   26 September, 2018
A number of hard-earned medals proves the excellence of Ishani as a swimmer
Ishani posing for a photograph with her mother at the Java Institute
Ishani Senanayake in a group photograph with her fellow swimming colleagues
During the Colours Award 2015 of Ishani’s school, Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya, Colombo
The 12th South Asian Games was one of the recent highlights of Ishani
Ishani receiving her trophy at the Milo Sri Lanka Schools Colours Awards 2014
Ishani smiling with pride as she accepted her trophy at the Western Province Sports Appreciation Ceremony
A photograph of Ishani adorned with her swimming medals
Ishani after winning the title "Best Swimming Woman Champion" in the National Short Course Swimming Champ..
New Swimming Trainer
The Java Institute for Advanced Technology is proud to announce the appointment of Miss Ishani Senanayake as the Institute's official swimming trainer. Ishani is a PCJT Software Engineering Undergraduate as well as a South Asian swimming medallist.

Ishani has proven her skill and success by her voluminous number of awards, trophies, and records, and it is her ambition to take part in the Olympic Games in the near future.Ishani has been able to make Sri Lanka proud with her monumental success at the recently concluded South Asian Games. Referred to as one of Sri Lanka's top female swimmers, Ishani, who is still in her early twenties, plans to achieve even more glory in the upcoming years.


Personal Profile

Ishani Erandika Senanayake has shown her colours throughout her school career. Ishani is a former student of Sirimavo Bandaranaike Vidyalaya, Colombo, and she has been able to successfully bring pride to her alma mater. It is interesting to note that even though Ishani is a champion swimmer and has a constantly tight schedule, she has managed to complete other achievements as well. 



Accomplishments of Ishani's Prolific Swimming Career


A wide array of accomplishments make the swimming career of Ishani Senanayake a truly prolific career. Ishani Senanayake was described as the fastest woman in the waters in the 800 metres free style event in Sri Lanka and she is the proud owner of both the long course and short course national records. Ishani was able to achieve both these accomplishments within a brief period of time and this proves that her speed and skills have significantly improved.
By merit alone Ishani was selected for the South Asian Games swimming squad for the South Asian Games that was held in Guwahati, India. Ishani competed in multiple events and was training as well as competing under the watchful eyes of her coach, Manoj Abeysinghe. Ishani Senanyake made Sri Lanka proud when she won three silver medals as well as a bronze medal and also holds a new Sri Lankan Record for the 800m Free Style clocking in at 9.48.62 at the recent South Asian Games in India.
Ishani Senanayake timed 9.55.46 minutes at the National Swimming Championship to eclipse the record of 9.56.10 minutes held by Sri Lankan national swimmer Machiko Rahim since November 2012. The 40th Milo Schools Age Group Swimming, which was held a couple of years ago, was a milestone tournament for Ishani Senanayake as this paved the way for her to emerge the Under-19 Girls Swimming Champion. She was able to collect a total of 45 points, an impressive feat, during the tournament.IshaniErandika Senanayake broke a 34 year old 100m backstroke record in the girls under-19 event at the 41stSri Lanka Schools Age Group Swimming Championship, which was held a couple of years ago at the Sugathadasa Stadium, Colombo.
The National Short Course Swimming Championship 2015 of Sri Lanka, which was held at Hillwood College of Kandy, became one of Ishani's cornerstone tournaments as she bagged a total of six impressive awards. It was also during this particular swimming championship that Ishani won five first place positions and the title of Best Women Champion (Open). The complete list of Ishani's achievements at the 2016 National Short Course Swimming Championship is as follows:


  • Best Women Champion (Open)
  • First place in 800m free style (new national meet record)
  • First place in 400m free style
  • First place in 200m free style
  • First place in 100m free style
  • First place in 100m Individual medley.


One could refer to the Killer Whale Aquatic club as Ishani's second home as she continuously trains at the club. Killer Whale Aquatics, one of the leading professional swimming clubs in Sri Lanka, has supported Ishani throughout her recent career. The team at Killer Whale Aquatics is headed by Head Coach Manoj Abeysinghe (ASCA Level 4), who has over 15 years of experience as a professional swim coach in the United States of America.

Ishani is also presently serving the Sri Lanka Army under a temporary basis and she holds the position of Volunteer Direct Sports.

Future Aspirations of Ishani


Ishani Erandika Senanayake is a prolific swimmer who has already proven her brilliance. However, Ishani is still full of youth and she has momentous goals set forth for her future career in swimming. According to an interview done in February 2016, Ishani has set her goals to contest in globally known tournaments, including the Common wealth Games and Asian Games. Ishani further stated that taking part in the Olympic Games is her big dream.