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Java Institute News   26 September, 2018
Mr. Bhatiya Tissera, Managing Director of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology, donating blood
Members of staff and undergraduates of the Java Institute appear for a group photograph
Blood donors with their certificates at the 2015 Blood Donation of the Java Institute
A few undergraduates of the Java Institute who took part in the 2015 Blood Donation
A medical professional obtaining blood from a student of the Java Institute
Photograph of undergraduates at the Colombo Branch of the Java Institute during the 2015 blood drive
A student in front of a poster at the 2015 Blood Drive shows his certificate of blood donation
Four friends smile for the camera at the Java Institute's 2015 Blood Donation
During the moment blood is collected for charity at the Java Institute's 2014 Blood Donation campaign
Mr. Nirodha Rupasinghe, Head of the Department of Public Relations, donating blood to charity
Students of the Java Institute bravely donating blood for those in need during the 2014 Blood Drive
Undergraduates who took part and supported the recently concluded 2016 Blood Donation Campaign
A Buddhist monk as well as an undergraduate of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology donating blood
Photograph of the operations mechanism of the 2016 Blood Donation program
Medical equipment of the professionals who handled the blood donating process
An undergraduate bravely donating blood at the Java Institute's 2016 Blood Donation Campaign
A photograph of a student donating blood for those in need at the Java Institute's Colombo Branch
Blood Donation Club
As a leading research-based higher education institute of Sri Lanka, the Java Institute for Advanced Technology engages not only in academic endeavours but in a multitude of campaigns as well as initiatives that focus on giving back to society. One of the most popular and regularly organised charity endeavours of the Java Institute is the annual blood donation campaigns that have been successfully able to donate hundreds of pints of blood periodically. Hundreds of Undergraduates of the Institute as well as members of the Management and staff take part in this beneficial programme in order to donate blood to those in need. Medical professionals visit the premises of the Java Institute and collect the blood in a highly safe and professional manner. Apart from the blood donation, a wide array of entertaining and fun-filled activities are also organised by the students of the Java Institute with the aim of encouraging blood donors while maintaining a joyful atmosphere.

In order to produce dynamic youth to the nation, the Java Institute has undertaken the task of introducing a completely different practical and energetic training environment. This is done by disseminating advanced training techniques and eliminating traditional methodologies. Furthermore, the Java Institute has presented their students with the opportunity of taking part in various extracurricular activities in order to maintain a well-balanced student life.

As a part of the students’ extracurricular activities, a blood donation campaign is held where the main motive of developing humaneness, compassion, and generosity within the students of the Java Institute and as a beneficial voluntary activity. Moreover, according to the information given by the Blood Bank, the current demand is approximately 400,000 pints of blood per year.

Therefore in 2014, the staff of the Java Institute organised a Blood Donation campaign on the 9th of October. Motivated by the staff members’ dedication and the success of the event, the students were empowered to hold another Blood Donation campaign in the following year on the 19th of October.

Blood donation is an integral part of Sri Lankan culture due to the influence of Buddhism and accordingly, almost all of the blood donated in Sri Lanka is by unpaid, voluntary donors as opposed to certain countries where the blood donor is paid.

There are specific requirements donors have to meet before donating their blood:

- Should be fit and healthy

- Should be between the age group of 18 - 60

- Should weigh more than 50kg

- Should not consume alcohol or other drugs the week prior to the blood donation.

Donors cannot donate if they:

- are pregnant

- are taking medication

- have chronic illnesses

- are receiving treatments

- have travelled long distances

- have tattoos

- have received blood, blood products, or organs.

The Blood Donation campaign held in the last two consecutive years was a popular student event. In 2014, 110 pints and in 2015, 112 pints of blood were donated by the students to the Narahenpita Blood Bank. The Java Institute appreciates the gracious support of the Narahenpita Blood Bank and the sponsorships offered by the Maharagama Lions Club and CHINT Sri Lanka to make the Blood Donation 2K15 a success. The day the campaign is held was considered a special holiday and in addition to the Blood Donation, various other fun filled activities such as paintball target shooting, face painting, photo booth, movie marathon, and computer gaming competitions were held for the student’s entertainment.

Generally, a group of individuals get together and organise a blood donation event. But this year, the Java Institute is planning to form a Blood Donation Club and appoint a committee to oversee event planning. Currently in Sri Lanka, no Blood Donation Club has ever been established making the Java Institute the first of its kind to do so.