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Java Institute News   26 September, 2018
Group photograph of the members of the Java Institute's Eagle Eyes Gaming Club
Java Institute's undergraduate gamers engaged in an intense gaming match
Members of the Java Institute's Gaming Club in the official club kit
Kasun Shamentha, Master-in-Charge of the Gaming Club, during a gaming session
Still photograph of a multiplayer gaming match at the Eagle Eyes Gaming Club
During an intense gaming session at the premises of the Java Institute
Kasun Shamentha, Master-in-Charge of the Eagle Eyes Gaming Club, during a gaming session
The EaGlE EyEz Gaming Club
A standout activity among the most exciting things you can do with a PC system is to play games with your companions and colleagues. With the swift development of modern technology and entertainment today, games have successfully captured the hearts of a multitude of people. While propounding enjoyment, challenges, and camaraderie, modern gaming has adeptly created an environment where technological skills of youth are nurtured and developed. The Java Institute for Advanced Technology, as a pioneer and leader in technology-based innovation in Sri Lanka, has initiated the EaGlE EyEz Gaming Club to engage interested students in the enchanting world of gaming.


What is EaGlE EyEz Gaming Club?

EaGlE EyEz Gaming Club is about having a ton of fun, making companions, and having an agreeable situation for gamers of numerous types. We attempt to give whatever the most famous diversions are among our individuals, and urge different individuals to get their own particular amusements or consoles to share or play themselves. Bringing your own particular controller is prescribed, yet in the event that you don't have one, EEGC has a great deal of controllers in stock and other gaming gear. To utilise purported LAN diversions and web amusements, you may need to overhaul your nearby system and Internet setup. You ought to likewise be set up to investigate certain sorts of specialised issues normally connected with neighbourhood system and internet amusements.

We frequently have themed occasions no less than each other week, and also competitions in or outside of club for a wide range of amusements. We're generally open to recommendations, on the grounds that, by the day's end, EEGC is about everybody having fun. With no aptitude prerequisite required, everybody and anybody that preferences recreations can join EaGlE EyEz Gaming Club.


Gaming Tournament Champions

Java Institute’s Gaming Club has managed to successfully become champions of several recently concluded gaming tournaments by skilfully achieving victories after heavily competitive matches. The members of the EaGlE EyEz Gaming Club are consistently improving their gaming techniques, skills, and experience in each of their club sessions and this has paved the way for the Java Institute for Advanced Technology to host, join, and win a number of gaming tournaments since 2013.


Training Sessions

The EaGlE EyEz Gaming Club of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology focuses not only on the fun part of computer gaming but also on developing skills of gamers. Enhancing gaming techniques of the members of the club is one of the core factors of the training sessions as these aid in building a more competitive and highly challenging environment. Members of the EaGlE EyEz Gaming Club receive training sessions that primarily focus on the following aspects:

  • Gaming techniques
  • Timing and related factors
  • Maintaining teamwork.