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Students News   26 September, 2018
Survival in the jungle includes a no water and no food training session
A member engaged in shooting an air rifle
Professional trainers engaged in teaching students the art of air rifling
An undergraduate of the Java Institute engaged in air rifling at the outdoor arena
A participant in the required uniform of the Air Rifling Club of the Java Institute
A closeup photograph of a member of the Java Institute's Air Rifling Club at the Gampaha jungle
Mr. Nirodha Rupasinghe, Head of Public Relations of the Java Institute, during a training session
Air Rifle Club
One of the most deadliest and extreme sports offered by the Java Institute for Advanced Technology is Air Rifling. The Air Rifle Club of the Institute was initiated in 2016 and this is in accordance with the vision of the Institute, which is to nurture students that are both intellectually and physically well-developed. One of the primary attributes that make air rifling an interesting and highly challenging activity is the voluminous quantities of excitement, dedication, discipline, and challenges required to achieve a solid standing. Undergraduates of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology.


The Air Rifling Club of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology provides a vast variety of related and essential as well as additional training sessions, including both physical skills and technical knowledge. The best air rifles and associated equipment are used by the Air Rifling Club and members of the club can acquire numerous skills that will develop their physical and intellectual abilities.


Out of the many aspects and training factors provided by the Air Rifling Club, the following are predominantly significant:


  • Rifle weapon skills
  • Combat fighting and martial arts
  • Camouflage
  • Endurance and discipline
  • Accuracy
  • Survival skills.


Bullets and guns that are used at the Air Rifling Club include deadly weaponry, including 300 to 400 metre range guns as well as 100 metre range guns. The bullets used are produced from lead and are referred to as pellets. Students are trained to be highly disciplined and command sessions are also provided at the club. Safety is an important aspect that is considered due to the nature of air rifling. In addition, students will acquire skills related to survival, including surviving in the jungle.


The Master-in-Charge of the Air Rifling Club of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology is Mr. Bhatiya Tissera, the Managing Director and Head of Advanced Technology of the Institute. Mr. Bhatiya Tissera is equipped with years of professional experience in extreme sporting, including mountaineering, martial arts, and survival skills. The Air Rifling Club uses the Firing Range and jungle arena that belongs to the Gampaha Branch of the Java Institute.