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Student Album   26 September, 2018
New Year Festival 2013-Gampaha Branch Java Institute
The Gampaha Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology organised an Avurudu Festival for the Sri Lankan New Year of 2013. The students of the Java Institute attended and prepared the festival and the main aim of this event was to enhance the bonds of friendship between students as well as to reduce the stress they face during their studies. The Avurudu Festival was held on the 27th of April, 2013, from 8:00 a.m. onwards at Siyane Road Gampaha. The highly special feature of this entire event was that it was planned by the students. The students have added a number of various items to surprise their lecturers and staff members. A bullock cart was arranged to accompany their lecturers and staff to the location while the participants were dressed in rural traditional attire, including the osariya and sarom as well as other traditional accessories. The students had built mud houses, farm houses, and a threshing floor. The entire environment was rural and it offered a unique experience. The dining table was filled with Sri Lankan New Year food such as milk rice, kavum, and kokis. The students had arranged numerous traditions and customs including milk overflowing, noshing meals, and bartering, according to auspicious times and enjoyed the avurudu games, including pillows wrestling and climbing the slippery tree. The Avurudu Festival of 2013 organised by the Gampaha Branch was a great experience and it was of great assistance for students staff members to escape from their busy schedules.