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Student Album   26 September, 2018
The banner of the Sawu Dansala of JIAT in 2014
Scenes at the dansala premises with decorations
Exterior of the dansala organised by the Kandy branch
Visitors enjoying the JIAT 2014 ice cream danasala
Sawu Dansala was organised by the Java Institute's Kandy Branch
The first-ever Sawu Dansala of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology was held under the purview of the former Branch Manager of the Kandy Branch, Mr. Anushka Tennakon. This particular event was held on the Poya Day of the year of 2014 and it was organised by the Kandy Branch of the Java Institute. A total of approximately 500 people took part in the 2014 dansal event. Subsequently, the year of 2015 also saw another Sawu Dansala organised by the Kandy Branch, under the current Branch Manager, Mr. Rajitha Amarasinghe, and it drew in a crowd of approximately 1000 participants. These two events displayed the organising strength of the Kandy Branch.