Java Institute JOURNAL
Student Album   26 September, 2018
Announcements at the Splatter Paint Ball Tournament
A participant taking aim at Gampaha
The audience looks on excitedly at the paintball game
Players using different strategies during the event
A student having fun at the event
Members of the paint ball tournament
Photograph of the members at the event
CSN TV equipment
Gampaha Branch Manager, Mr. Sanka Dineth
Members of the paintball team at Gampaha
Group photograph of the team members
Props created for the paint ball game
Photograph of a team at the paintball tournament
Groups of players deploying their tactics
Players taking aim at their opponents
An exciting event captured by photographers
Photograph of participants enjoying the event
An exciting moment at the tournament held in 2014
Photograph of an interesting event at the paintball match
The paintball tournament was highly competitive
Awarding the trophy to the winners of the tournament
Photograph of a student team from JIAT
Group photograph of participants
Photograph of the student teams from JIAT
Splatter Paint Ball tournament - Gampaha Branch
Splatter is a Paintball field located in Gampaha, Sri Lanka. In the game of paintball, the physical build and strength are merely secondary whereas team spirit and planning is given far more prominence. Paintballing undoubtedly builds character. It involves self-confidence and teamwork and essentially inculcates leadership qualities in a person. There are three various game types in paintballing and these are Speedball, Woodsball, and Scenario paintball. These different types of paintball modes depend on the composition of the paintball field. ** The Game ** A group of players will divide into two teams for the game. Each team would start from its own home base, and the objective is to capture the other team’s flag and return to the home camp. There is another version of the game where the prime focus is on a centre flag. In this version, there would be a single flag placed on the centre of the playing field. The objective of each team is to retrieve this centre flag and infiltrate the opponent’s home camp. The number of players in a team often varies as there is no limitation rule in the game. The number of players varies based on the size of the playing field. The stipulated time for game play also varies depending on the conditions of the teams and the playing field. A referee holds control of the game, and it is their role to ensure fair play. Referees also make sure that nobody makes physical contact with each other during the game.