Java Institute JOURNAL
Student Album   26 September, 2018
Announcing the unique promotion of the Gampaha Branch
Photograph of Promoters and a mascot at the event
Members of the promotion team with the Branch Manager
Team members with a mascot
Photograph of students enjoying
Members of the JIAT Gampaha Branch enjoying at the event
A school student reviews the academic programme
Students with mascots of the promotion
Students with mascots in front of a PCJT advertisement
The double decker bus and school students
Photograph of students with the mascot
Team members of the Gampaha Branch
Pouring drinks for visitors
School students smiling at the arena prepared for visitors
Double Decor promotion - Gampaha Branch of JIAT
The Gampaha Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology organised a ?Double Decker? promotion campaign for the year 2013. This particular promotion campaign was held on the 31st of August targeting students who had faced the 2013 Advanced Level examination. The primary goal of this event was to promote the name of the Institute among young students as well as to provide entertainment in order to create a relaxing scenario for the students after their examination. It was our hope that it could minimise the stress of the studies of the students. Furthermore, the Gampaha Branch decorated and prepared double-decker bus and drove the decorated bus near schools after the examination. A number of students got on to the bus and we accompanied them to the town of Gampaha. Next, an entertainment event was scheduled and held for the students and this particular event included music, a balloon dance, as well as number of other activities. Participants who took part in this campaign included M.G. Dhanushka, Gayan Arosha, Ashani Liyanage, Raini Charuka, Madhava Wijesinghe, Nipunika Hewagamage, as well as the Addict Team.