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Students News   26 September, 2018
At the Hackathon meet-up with other skilled professionals
Janaka Ranathunga enjoying the outdoors
Janaka with colleagues at Virtusa
Married life and children of Janaka Ranathunga
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Janaka Ranathunga(MSc(IT))
I am currently working as a Associate Consultant of Technology at Virtusa Pvt Ltd. I never imagined I've come this far with a little time period. JIAT was the substructure, my guiding light for where I am right now. I, myself was first got selected to IT degree program in Rajarata University, Sri Lanka. But I had second-rate thoughts of my future. Doubt- ful, nervous and yet unassertive. Then I chose PCJT. Now the private educational sector has a lot of varied software degree programs like never before. Among those institutions, the JIAT was the brilliant pio- neer. Now I?m truly satisfied of the decision I took back then. I chose the brilliance, and I have become a pioneer.

The academic and professional knowledge, reinforcement offered from the JIAT was astute. Such experience is never achievable from any other institution in Sri Lanka. The degree program offered in the JIAT is so unique, up-to-date, and proficient, highly job oriented product, which is the first choice for the nation?s younger generation in higher educational sphere. We were ready from the foremost point in the job seeking endeavour. Our lecturers nurtured us not only for educational goals, for the life goals as well. Their sustainable advices, standards of morality are applicable any- where. The leadership skills practiced in JIAT were really important for our personal development too. Highly competent, aca- demic staff allowed us to seek our academ- ic depths to make us the ideal software en- gineers.

My first job was as a lecturer in the JIAT. In this way it allowed me to look back at the student life once we?ve had. This vision made our lectures delivered more student oriented. I switched my career from educational to industrial sector. My second job was as a Software Engineer at SP- Solutions. What I?ve studied was really ap- plied here. My studies at the JIAT never let me down. Then I expertise my software skills at Rezervatons Gateway Pvt Ltd as a Project Lead in a world class product. There, I met fellow software engineers from other universities, both local and inter- national and they worked under my supervi- sion. And my instincts told me that the graduates from the JIAT were bestowed! I'm proud to be a part of it. And then I was called upon my dream company, Virtusa Pvt Ltd, offering me the post of Senior Engi- neer- Technology, after a one year in the in- dustry. Currently I'm in the team where we develop a high performance middleware.

Today I have passed several milestones in my career and in my personal life too. And I have no one else to be thankful other than the JIAT. As I said it's the backbone of the quality education in software engineering. I am ever grateful for the JIAT and I wish the very best of success to the institution. And wish good luck for the students who have took the righteous decision to study under the JIAT!