Java Institute JOURNAL
Student Album   26 September, 2018
Students of the Kurunegala Branch enjoying a group activity
A group activity at Kitulgala
A student enjoying an exciting and challenging activity
Students involved in group activities at Kitulgala
Group photograph of students of the Kurunegala Branch
Students engaged in thrilling whitewater rafting expeditions
A photograph depicting a challenging moment during whitewater rafting
3rd Annual trip to Kithulgala - Kurunegala Branch
As proposed by most of the students, the destination for the third annual trip was Kitulgala. Rather than a typical trip, this particular event included with various entertaining activities. The students enjoyed using their skills in various kinds of extra-curricular activities as never before. The contribution of every single person for this event should be appreciated and this event occupied an entire day. Professional lifeguards were available for any emergency at this event while professional guides were also available for assistance. Adventurous activities like mountaineering, water rafting, swimming, and bunjee jumping were carried out at this event. Food and other participant needs were fulfilled by the organisations that conducts adventure sports in this area. The comfort and safety of each and every participant were guaranteed. Students gained numerous experiences during this event and this was a beneficial change than being limited to the classroom. Some of the valuable experiences students were able to gain: 1. Finding new friends. 2. Adventure sports and thrilling activities. 3. Leadership Training 4. Instant planning and putting them into action. The staff and pupils enjoyed this event together while building unforgettable memories of a lifetime. This event was a very highly successfull event of the Kurunegala Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology.