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Student Album   26 September, 2018
An enjoyable moment during the PCJT Sooriya Udanaya at Kurunegala
Students competitively engaged in the traditional bun-eating game
A bun-eating contest underway at the New Year event in 2014
A "Kotta Pora" match between two students
A group of students of Kurunegala engaged in a game
A student blindfolded prior to a traditional New Year game
PCJT Sooriya udanaya 2014 - Kurunegala branch
An elegant event in commemoration of the Sri Lankan New Year for 2014 was organised by the Kurunegala Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology. This event successfully displayed both the internal and external beauty of Institute. This particular new year’s event was titled “PCJT Sooriya Udanaya 2014” and it was organised via discussions between the Branch Manager, panel of staff, as well as the students, and the event was planned perfectly. PCJT Sooriya Udanaya 2014 was a remarkable event held at the Udawalpola Grounds on the 28th of April 2014. The new year food table included various types of of traditional foods related to the Sri Lankan traditional new year. Furthermore, a model village was established for the event and this was one of the most attractive characteristics of the entire event. A number of traditional events and various games related to the Sri Lankan New Year were scheduled and held. These events included "Kottapora”, “Cross-Country Races”, “Bun Eating”, “Tug of War”, “Kana Mutti Bindeema”, “Egg Catching”. The sponsorships and donations for the event were provided by students and Dialog Telecom. It should be mentioned that the Java Institute for Advanced Technology appreciates the immense support provided by Dialog Telecom. A total of approximately hundred students of the Kurunegala Branch participated in this event and through participation of students from other branches of the Institute, the mutual relationship between the branches were developed. The success of this event laid a strong foundation for the success of future events.