Java Institute JOURNAL
Student Album   26 September, 2018
The winning team of the 2013 Java Cricket League
Many visitors arrived at the stadium to enjoy the tournament
Students of the Java Institute spectating the cricket match at Kurunegala
During a competitive cricket match at the Java Cricket League
A photograph depicting an interesting moment during a cricket match
Photograph of the winners of the 2013 Java Cricket League
Java Cricket League - 2013 by Kurunegala Branch
A cricket tournament titled the “Java Cricket League” was organised by the Kurunegala Branch of the Java Institute for Advanced Technology in order to relieve students from their monotonous lifestyle and to develop their team spirit. Students as well as members of the staff contributed to organise this event. Held on the 10th of December 2013 at the Maliga grounds, the cricket tournament enjoyed perfect weather. Furthermore, in addition to the cricket team members, a large crowd of students participated in cheering for the teams. A total of nine teams took part in this league tournament and each team had 8 members and it followed was a 7 a side format. Female participation was remarkable during this event. Each team contributed to the event financially by donating LKR 1000 and the rest of the finance was covered through a car wash event. Sponsors of the trophy was accomplished by a company that was established by former students of the Institute. Eventually, the staff team became the winners of the tournament.