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Students News   26 September, 2018
Prahas receiving his graduate degree
A photograph of Prahas in England
Leisure times with friends in the UK
Prahas in his living quarters
Prahas Wichakshana
First of all, it is difficult to explain in a few words the emotional sentiments that I feel due to the fabulous opportunity I received to pursue my masters studies in a foreign university. I have completed my degree as a PCJT Software Engineer and I am currently engaged in my studies that will lead to my MSc. at the globally renowned Anglia Ruskin University. I have to emphasise the fact that it has become an easy task for me to

Opinion of Prahas's Father-

I'm a satisfied and proud father of one of the students who have been able to vercome many obstacles in life and tread on a very successful path in his life. My son, who is only 20 years of age, is currently studying at the Anglia Ruskin University, in the United Kingdom, for his Master?s Degree. It has been an amazing blessing as his colleagues from his school days have not even commenced their first year in their universities. Even though he worked hard and scored excellent marks during his Advanced Level examinations in school, he did not get the expected results at the national Advanced Level examinations. He was devastated by the results he received and soon study for the MSc. at the Anglia Ruskin University due to the proficient training, knowledge, and skills I have acquired from the Java Institute. My colleagues, who hail from various universities from around the world, occasionally find it challenging to successfully complete some of the more difficult assignments. I am proud to say that because of the knowledge and practical skills I have acquired during my studies at the Java Institute, I am able to successfully complete all of my assignments.

afterwards we met Dr. Ishantha Siribaddana (Chairman of the Java Institute) who confidently and clearly explained about a new opportunity that would bring great success for my son. During the time my son was studying at the Java Institute for Advanced Technology, I understood that it was not just another education institution as the methods they have implemented make the students work extremely hard so that their minds are cultivated with high standards of knowledge and skills.